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Rooted in preserving meaningful family moments through the connection of scent and memory.

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Home diffusers in Marcie & Tame scents.


"TAME is my parents - Terry Allen & Marvin Eidecker - in a bottle. Named after their initials, I create a scent that takes me back to memories of my youth that are tied to scents surrounding them.

My father, Marvin, was a locksmith and carpenter who always smelled of cut wood and the lingering scent of cigarette smoke. My strongest memories of him are from times that my sister and I would ride in his locksmith van through old country roads, windows down, a warm coke always in his cup holder, fireball candies thrown everywhere, supplies of keys jingling in the back, classic rock blasting on the radio and a lit cigarette in his hand. It was wild, chaotic, and so different from my mother. 

A multi-talented woman, my mother - Terry, baked wedding cakes, cleaned houses, handmade custom window treatments, grew our vegetables, sewed beautiful clothing and at one time owned a catering business. My sister and I would help whenever we could and drive, windows up, with her to each business venture. Her car was clean, oldies played softly on the radio, she'd tell us stories, we'd sing or she'd play books on tape that we'd rent from the library. She never wore perfume but always had a clean down to earth scent about her.

This new perfume starts off wild and woodsy with sandalwood as it's top note. As it dries down it brightens up with golden amber and with the base note you get the cleanliness and grounding scent of sage. It's complex, sensuous, and a beautiful homage to the memories of my youth."

-Katie Eidecker, Founder

All products at EIDECKER STUDIO are hand mixed, poured & packaged in Atlanta, GA with a small batch & sustainable approach.