Katie Eidecker founded Eidecker Studio in August, 2018 as way to preserve treasured memories of her grandmother - Marceline "Marcie" Eidecker - and parents - Terry Allen & Marvin Eidecker, aka "Tame" - by connecting scent and memory

The small batch focused brand has two unique oil-based scents, Marcie & Tame, in the form of a fragrance (and soon to come home diffuser) designed with the intention to be used daily as an extension of you. A signature smell that is distinctly yours

The fragrances were purposefully formulated to be worn alone or layered to enhance others. The heat of your body will activate the pure oils and in turn compose a scent that evolves differently on everybody creating a smell that is uniquely your own.  

Eidecker Studio believes in quality through slow thoughtful production and limited products to ensure its business (and client) values and needs are met. All products are hand mixed, poured, and packaged at our home studio in Atlanta, GA using natural botanical oils and sustainable materials.

 "To the woman who taught me how to be feminine & fierce, I create this fragrance for you. To the woman who showed me how to love those who are different than me, I create this fragrance for you. To the woman who gave me a wicked sense of humor, I create this fragrance for you. To my grandmother, aka "Marcie", I create this fragrance for you."   -Katie Eidecker, Founder